Music Momentum is a running/fitness app that helps keep you motivated during walking, jogging or running workout sessions.

The app uses the GPS data of your mobile device to determine your speed at a given stage. Select your Target Minimum Speed (TMS) when setting up your session. Your ‘current speed’ will be compared against this target speed. The app will notify you if your ‘current speed’ falls below your TMS value.

When the ‘Music Slow Mo’ feature is triggered, it will slow down the playing speed of your music, to help encourage you to pick back up the pace!

Your music will resume at its normal playing speed once you reach your TMS again. This helps keep your pace at a comfortable but challenging pace. As a result of this, you burn more calories and get more from your walking, jogging, running or cycling workouts.

The session can be paused at any stage which allows you to take a break from the ‘slow mo’ feature while still listening to your favorite music. Once your ready to continue your session, just click the ‘resume’ button.


Target Minimum Speed (TMS) & GPS Data

The “Target Minimum Speed” (TMS) is the speed setting that you wish to keep above.

Once you fall below your TMS setting, the application features will be activated in order to alert you of your current status. These alert notifications will remain in place until you have accelerated your speed to reach your TMS setting (or above it) once again.

There are 3 different ways that the Music Momentum app will notify you that you have fallen below your TMS settings. Each of these features can be turned on/off in the settings window to personalise how you are notified when TMS has been triggered. However, for the fullest experience of the apps notification features, it is advised to have all 3 features active during your session.

Music Slow Mo РThe music you are listening to will reduce its normal playing speed.

This is a very obvious indication that the music is not playing at the speed that it should be. In order to get your music playing at normal speed again, you need to accelerate your pace. Once your current speed matches your TMS, your music will play at its normal rate.

Animation – Your device screen will begin to flash to alert you that you have dropped below your TMS setting.

Vibration РYour device will begin to vibrate to alert you that you have dropped below your TMS setting.

The TMS setting can also be adjusted within your current session

GPS & Location Services

When first using Music Momentum, you will be asked to allow permissions to access your GPS and Location Services.

This is so the application can determine your GPS location and used to calculate your current speed within your session.

For the application to function as intended, you will need to allow such permissions, so your speeds can be calculated.

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